Strategic Alliances

AsInt has formed these below Strategic Alliances to ensure we can offer a complete turnkey solution to our customers.


SAP Partner Edge

AsInt is an independent software vendor (ISV) partner with SAP. This gives us the ability to rapidly design, develop, and commercialize our applications on the SAP Cloud Platform.


Sentinel Integrity Solutions

Sentinel Integrity Solutions, Inc. is a leader in the petrochemical inspection industry’s continuing advancement of strategic inspection methodologies. Their employees work hand-in-hand with customers to increase their overall asset reliability and minimize any risks/consequences associated with loss of containment or failure of equipment. They serve their customers by providing the inspection expertise and innovative solutions necessary to handle any situation and top-notch customer service to every client

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Trinity Bridge

Recognized internationally as an industry expert. Pioneered the development the 581 technology in 1993. Develops and provides RBI training for the industry. Implementer of the risk-based inspection for refining and the petrochemical industries